Friday, March 14, 2014

The Real McCoy

After suggesting a scotch-based Boulevardier/Negroni variation in my last blended scotch review, I just had to try one.  It took a couple tries, but this turned out very nicely.

1 1/2 oz Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition
1 oz Campari
1 oz sweet vermouth (Martini & Rossi)
1 dash orange curacao (Pierre Ferrand, always)

Stir and strain over a large ice cube; garnish with a wide swath of orange peel and top with a scant pinch of salt on top of the cube.

I'm departing with myself in requiring a garnish on this one, but you really must try it with the salt.  I dunno what it is, exactly - the salt reinforces the slightly briny, peaty character of the scotch and keeps the dash of liqueur from making the drink too sweet.  I may try a careful use of salt in other cocktails as well...

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