Sunday, October 2, 2011

Memphis Cocktail

One of two riffs on the Manhattan:

2 oz Dickel’s Tennessee whiskey
1 oz blanc vermouth (Dolin is excellent)
3 dashes orange bitters (Fee's in this case; would also use their cherry or rhubarb)

Stir well and strain into a... well, a glass.  Rocks are optional with this one, as with the Manhattan.

I'm not a big fan of Jack Daniels, but I do like the only other Tennessee whiskey I've been able to find, which goes by the wonderful name of Dickel's.  It's a lighter, sweeter, and more fragrant whiskey than bourbon, but without the overt spiciness of rye.  You could make a standard Manhattan with it, but I think this is a great opportunity to show off the Dolin Blanc, which pairs the light and floral character of dry vermouth with the mouthfeel and sweetness of red vermouth.

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