Thursday, September 29, 2011

Take 1

I've started dozens of journals and blogs and writings with a manifesto, only to completely forget about my grand ideas the next day.  So fuck that, here is a short and carefully cultivated statement:

This is, basically, a public drink journal.  I've kept one for a while, but when away from my home and computer I wind up scribbling notes and recipes on a piece of paper, which usually winds up in the wash.  So goes a lush's lifestyle.  An online "notebook" gives me somewhat more flexibility; if it means I can also share these things with whoever happens upon them, then hooray!  I love the 21st century.

Whoever reads this is likely to know me, so I'll explain only my background on the subject matter.  I'm relatively new to mixology and still working my way around, which doesn't mean that I haven't sampled a fair number of items.  I've worked behind a bar making drinks but have never formally held a position as a bar-tender.  I've read a few books on the topic (inserts kudos to David Wondrich and Ted Haigh, whose books have spurred my own writing) and am eager to put my own thoughts down.  I'm still developing my own style of drinks and I like to test my palate frequently.

Hence, the Main Idea: a drink per weekday, banter optional.

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