Friday, January 13, 2012


Back in the day, the "cobbler" was hot stuff.  Or cold, refreshing stuff best enjoyed on a summer day.  Right about the time of the French Revolution, among other things, a little thing called "ice" was coming into fashion in the United States.  Along with the now well-known Mint Julep, this recipe (named after the little "cobbles" of ice it's built upon) helped make frozen water a ubiquitous part of the bar.  I think it goes without saying that the mixological arts aren't be the same without ice.  Let's have a little tribute, eh?

For the ice in question, I saved a fountain cup full of cheap machine ice from Jimmy John's.  This would normally be worthless for mixing, but it makes a perfect cobbler.  At home, you could just take some regular tray stuff, wrap it in a towel, and give it a couple good whacks with a rolling pin.

This is less a recipe than a method.  Take a glass (somewhere in the 7-10oz range) and pack it full of your crushed ice.  Add a fortified wine of your choice to fill (sherry, port, madiera, and marsala all work), 3-5 half-wheels of orange, and a dash of syrup (simple or flavored).  Pour this rapidly back and forth using a mixing tin a few times, add a few berries if you like, and sip through a straw (or not if none is available).

My suggested combinations: port wine and blackberry syrup; marsala and date syrup; sherry and ginger syrup. Yum.  Care for a little more punch?  You can spike your cobbler with a quick shot of a choice spirit.  Good old brandy would work well for just about any cobbler recipe.

Enjoy, and have a fine weekend.

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